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Faculty of Biology, Chemistry & Earth Sciences

Cell Biology & Electron Microscopy – Prof. Dr. Benedikt Westermann / Prof. Dr. Stefan Geimer / Dr. Till Klecker

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Key Lab Electron Microscopy

The electron microscopy laboratory serves the life sciences groups at the University of Bayreuth with advanced techniques of electron microscopy. This includes instruction and advice in transmission (TEM) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). We provide individual training and familiarization with instruments and techniques in TEM and SEM for novices and experienced users as time and resources permit.

The following major equipment is currently available:

  • JEOL JEM-2100: TEM 200 kV, LaB6 cathode, electron tomography (SerialEM), cryo-EM, standard holder with quick change and high tilt specimen retainer and specimen quartet holder, Gatan UltraScan 4000 and Gatan Erlangshen ES500W (4080×4080 or 1350×1040 pixels respectively) CCD cameras
  • JEOL JEM-1400 Plus: TEM 120 kV, LaB6 cathode, electron tomography, cryo-EM, specimen quick change and specimen quartet holder, Jeol Ruby (3.296 x 2.472 pixels) CCD camera
  • Fischione Model 2550 cryo transfer tomography holder with Jeol JEC-4000DS dry pumping station
  • Zeiss CEM 902 A: TEM 80 kV, tungsten filament cathode, Gatan Erlangshen ES500W (1350×1040 pixels) CCD camera
  • BAL-TEC HPM100: High pressure freezer
  • Leica EM AF5 with FSP: Automated freeze-substitution system
  • Leica EM UC6i with FC6: Cryo-ultramicrotome
  • Leica EM UC7: Ultramicrotome
  • Reichert-Jung KF 80: Immersion cryo fixation system


Prof. Dr. Stefan Geimer
Room: B1-01 (B1)
Phone: +49 (0)921 / 55-2164
Email: stefan.geimer@uni-bayreuth.de

Further information

  • Nutzerordnung: PDF
  • Westermann, B. und Geimer, S. (2016). Elektronenmikroskopie – Einblicke in die Nanowelt der Zellen. Spektrum (Universität Bayreuth) 12 (2), 44-47. PDF
  • Downloads for members of FOR2092

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