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Cell Biology & Electron Microscopy – Prof. Dr. Benedikt Westermann / Prof. Dr. Stefan Geimer / Dr. Till Klecker

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Publications Till Klecker

15. Klecker, T.#, and Westermann, B.# (2021). Pathways shaping the mitochondrial inner membrane. Open Biol. 11:210238 (Review). PubMed.

14. Jakubke, C.*, Roussou, R.*, Maiser, A., Schug, C., Thoma, F., Bunk, D., Hörl, D., Leonhardt, H., Walter, P., Klecker, T., and Osman, C.# (2021). Cristae-dependent quality control of the mitochondrial genome. Sci. Adv. 7:eabi8886. PubMed.

13. Klecker, T., and Westermann, B. (2021). Mitochondria are mixed during cell division. Nature 591:535-537 (News & Views). DOI: 10.1038/d41586-021-00511-3

12. Brillada, C.*, Teh, O.K.*, Ditengou, F.A., Lee, C.W., Klecker, T., Saeed, B., Furlan, G., Zietz, M., Hause, G., Eschen-Lippold, L., Hoehenwarter, W., Lee, J., Ott, T., and Trujillo, M.# (2020). Exocyst subunit Exo70B2 is linked to immune signaling and autophagy. Plant Cell 33:404-419. PubMed.

11. Stenger, M., Le, D.T., Klecker, T.#, and Westermann, B.# (2020). Systematic analysis of nuclear gene function in respiratory growth and expression of the mitochondrial genome in S. cerevisiae. Microb. Cell 7:234-249. PubMed.

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9. Klecker, T.#, Braun, R.J., and Westermann, B. (2017). Lipid Droplets Guard Mitochondria during Autophagy. Dev. Cell 42:1-2 (Preview). PubMed.

8. Böckler, S.*, Chelius, X.*, Hock, N.*, Klecker, T., Wolter, M., Weiss, M., Braun, R.J., and Westermann, B.# (2017). Fusion, fission, and transport control asymmetric inheritance of mitochondria and protein aggregates. J. Cell Biol. 216:2481-2498. PubMed.

7. Guiney, E.L.*, Klecker, T.*, Emr, S.D.# (2016). Identification of the endocytic sorting signal recognized by the Art1-Rsp5 ubiquitin ligase complex. Mol. Biol. Cell. 27:4043-4054. PubMed.

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6. Klecker, T., Wemmer, M., Haag, M., Weig, A., Böckler, S., Langer, T., Nunnari, J., and Westermann, B.# (2015). Interaction of MDM33 with mitochondrial inner membrane homeostasis pathways in yeast. Sci. Rep. 5:18344. PubMed.

5. Klecker, T. and Westermann, B.# (2014). Mitochondria are clamped to vacuoles for lipid transport. Dev. Cell 30:1-2 (Preview). PubMed.

4. Klecker, T.*, Böckler, S.*, and Westermann, B.# (2014). Making connections: interorganelle contacts orchestrate mitochondrial behavior. Trends Cell Biol. 24:537-545 (Review). PubMed.

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3. Scholz, D., Förtsch, J., Böckler, S., Klecker, T., and Westermann, B.# (2013). Analyzing membrane dynamics with live cell fluorescence microscopy with a focus on yeast mitochondria. Methods Mol. Biol. 1033:275-283. PubMed.

2. Klecker, T., Scholz, D., Förtsch, J., and Westermann, B.# (2013). The yeast cell cortical protein Num1 integrates mitochondrial dynamics into cellular architecture. J. Cell Sci. 126:2924-2930. PubMed.

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In this issue: The ties that bind: Num1 anchors mitochondria to the cell cortex

1. Connerth, M.*, Tatsuta, T.*, Haag, M.*, Klecker, T., Westermann, B., and Langer, T.# (2012). Intramitochondrial transport of a phosphatidic acid in yeast by a lipid transfer protein. Science 338:815-818. PubMed.

Recommended by Faculty of 1000: Recommendation.
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